Fitness Tips That Will Help Blast the Fat Off

Fitness is always a great thing to get into even if you do not want to build big muscles or become a professional athlete. Fitness is always a great thing to have and to keep up with every day. It is recommended by doctors to get at least a half hour of light exercise every day.

That can be just walking. The key is consistency and that is something you need to remember. It really helps to have an active lifestyle like when you are always up and doing stuff. That is what it is all about.

For those who are out of shape. You should start off slow because if you get right into something strenuous like weight training then you will be so sore the next day you might give up for a week. But only you can have good judgement on you body so it your call.
I am active but I have a few pounds I want to lose. Start doing really basic exercises just about every day. A great work out plan to start off would be to do body weight exercises three or four days a week. Exercises like push ups and body weight squats have very good benefits for you body and prepare it for more intense fat burning exercises later on.
I would like to build muscle but I do not want to be huge. Many people just want to get fit and be a little thick. There is really no need to worry because the guys who have huge muscles do nothing but lift weights and take a bunch of supplements. I would suggest eating more and include more protein in your diet. Also make sure you master the basics like push ups and body weight squats. Really though by doing this is will end up building muscle faster later on because these are key exercises to build your stabilizer muscles.

Losing Weight Over the Holidays – How to Easily Lose Up to 15 Pounds Without Missing a Holiday Meal

Losing weight over the holidays is possible and I will go as far as to say easy when you know how to use your favorite foods to speed your fat loss and learn how to cut your workout time in half for even better results. There is a better way and if you are curious to see if you can easily lose up to 15 pounds this holiday season while everyone else is gaining weight then I encourage you to read on.

Losing Weight Over The Holidays

1. Learn how to regularly cheat during the seasons. Do you ever wonder why weight loss slows when you are on a traditional diet? This is because a traditional diet requires you to keep your calories low week after week and this is looked at by your body as a threat.

Your body thinks that there are fewer calories coming in because there are fewer foods available and so it defends against this “famine” by shutting down your metabolism so you don’t waste all your stored energy – i.e. FAT. This is why your weight loss slows, because your metabolism slows.

You must outsmart your body and convince it that there is plenty of food available and you do this by allowing your holiday meal to be a cheat meal where you enjoy all your favorite foods, we are talking stuffing, potatoes, pumpkin pie whatever is served.

This high calorie meal boosts your fat burning metabolism and by then dieting strictly again you balance your calorie intake and actually lose faster.

2. Cut your exercise time in half and double your results. You might think that you need to increase your workout time but you can get better results from a 20 minute workout than a 45 minute workout by simply increasing your intensity.

By varying your intensity during your workout by increasing your pace in one minute increments and then lowering your intensity to catch your breath you stimulate your metabolism for the entire day and burn fat more efficiently.

Losing weight over the holidays is going to be a reality for you when you learn how to turn your holiday meals and exercise sessions into metabolism boosters.